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T.S. Idiot

Wednesday 26th July 2023

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Satellite Of Love Headliner July 2023 is

T.S. IDIOT (Tom Stockley) is a lo-fi performer, writer, designer, organiser and semi-professional moron based in Bristol. Informed by a century of counter-culture, his practice is parasitic and flirts with the humour, beauty and sadness of every day life by any means necessary (including spoken word, DIY spaces and collaborative projects). In 2016 he appeared as a rock in an international theatre production and burnt his BA degree. In 2017 he appeared in a BBC3 Documentary. In 2018 he was selected for the UK Young Artists Residency Programme. Right now he lives in Bristol with some humans and reptiles, working on various projects with Uncollective.

His major influences include Genesis P-Orridge, Lady Gaga, Marcel Duchamp, Jeremy Deller, Bas Jan Ader, Chris Burden, Angus Fairhurst, William Pope. L, Viva Hamnell, Viv Albertine, William Burroughs, David Lynch, Leigh Bowery, Monster Chetwynd, Daniel Johnston, Grayson Perry, Poly Styrene, Martin Creed, David Shrigley and George Lucas.

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Satellite Of Love Community Poem May 2023

Boys Night! Boys Night! Boys Night! I’m Going 2 Steal That Shirt

Boys night! Boys night! Boys night! Boys night!
I’m going 2 steal that shirt
And the BAFTA goes to…
She yelled, as the edge came into view
Each day we face our own apocalypse.
Each morning our own creation myth.
eyes bigger than your stomach
now, Llamas dominate the view of the orchard
And we tumble through forty half-sized
Boys nights! Boys night! Boys night! Boys night!
I am going 2 steal that shirt
Still, trees are great
I often wonder… why is belly button fluff is blue?
We found safety in Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckkkk!!!
And the fact a cat on your lap means an afternoon nap!
Let me take you on a stroll, get on a boat. Lies will drown and the truth will float.
Rubber ducks are my favourite aquatic mammal
Along the dark canal, something moved
Someone whispered
Why have I got sweetcorn under my foreskin?
Boys nights! Boys night! Boys night! Boys night!
I’m going 2 steal that shirt
Let us hope we stay afloat.
Richard, Richard, where art tho Richard?
Would you rather – a million pounds or a cigarette, right now?
I’d sip at a gin and tonic – strictly for health reasons
each day we face our own apocalypse,
tumblingthrough forty half-sized, brexits,
Boys night! Boys night! Boys night! Boys night!
I’m going 2 steal that shirt
Sip sip sip my dirty water!! Would you like a lemon slice? Like a lemon slice we float, our
poems, seeds infused with zest. Glacial, flowing, feasting, cooking hummus or something
middle eastern.
Do you poetry? Yes No Other

A choice changes power when you choose it deep inside
But my mind is blank, no verse is there to write on paper waiting pure, so crisp and clean.
Even slathered in butter 
I still can’t write in yellow
Boys night! Boys night!
I’m going 2 steal that shirt

Satellite Of Love Previous Headliner May 2023

Pete The Temp

Wednesday 25th May 7.30pm

Satellite Of Love Previous Headliner Pete Bearder is an award-winning spoken word poet, author and comic. His work has been featured on BBC Radio 4, The World Service, and Newsnight. He is a former National Poetry Slam Champion and has performed around the world with organisations like The British Council. Pete recently released his third book ‘Garden of Madness’, described by Tom Hirons as a ‘word-heaven of praise poetry’.   | Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @PeteTheTemp |