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Community poem November 2023

Darkness on the quay

Some mornings your room is a rain cloud
My old boots are letting the puddles in
The pillow cradles my skull and forms a crucible for my dreams
Are we nearly dead yet?
Darkness on the quay
Ghost-gulls fly and lights are reflected in the water
The pre-loved bin bags of Halloween rustle ominously in the gloaming
First time jitters once again
Her dress was made of music
Sparkling lights water my eyes
The boat turned poets into angels with bright halos
Inspiration, community, friendships, and smiles. All afloat on this boat.

Out of context seagulls (a one-way conversation with Shrek)

SHREK! You crushed the last piece of my shattered heart.
Little did you know you lost a strong girl.
I’d pay £1,200 for a new mic stand
or an exorcist
and I still think contactless is magic.
SHREK! There’s an out-of-context seagull troubling the roof of an urban semi.
My cat is awesome. Speak your truth, Eric!
The fun is in the egg TOMATOES.

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Jonny Fluffypunk January 24th 2024

Stand-up poet and lo-fi theatremaker Jonny Fluffypunk has been dragging his art around the UK and occasionally beyond for over 25 years, deafly fusing bittersweet autobiography, disillusionment and wonder into an act that has established him as a firm favourite at gigs, festivals and housing benefit offices everywhere. He has two volumes of poems, micro-fictions and threadbare philosophy published by Burning Eye, and his solo ‘no-fi’ stand-up spoken word theatre shows,
including his latest, If We Just Keep Going, We Will Get There in the End, have toured extensively around theatres, pubs, garden sheds, summer houses, record shops and Britain’s other ad-hoc performance spaces in a blatant championing of homespun DIY culture. When not performing, Jonny runs workshops, putting shapes and colours into the minds of young and old alike. He’s a crucial third of Hip Yak Poetry Shack, ‘the south west’s favourite pop-up poetry event’, and also runs Mr Fluffypunk’s Penny Gaff, an alternative cabaret in his adopted home town of Stroud.

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