Month: February 2024

Jemima Hughes Headliner SOL Feb 2024

Jemima Hughes is a multi slam winning performance poet who will sweep you up and drag you through the “mindfield” of the unorthodox, swiftly spinning it into the ordinary. She brings you into the storm, pauses for breaks in the clouds, and sits with you in the aftermath to discuss how to rebuild. Jemima’s debut poetry collection ‘Unorthodox’, published with Verve Poetry Press in 2020, challenges perceptions of living with sexual trauma and mental health issues through personal experiences. Her new 2023 collection ‘Into The Ordinary’ aims to change perspectives on how we can make the world a more accepting, understanding and comfortable place for those living with these experiences. 

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Satellite of Love Is Pleased To Support

Black Eyes presents: ‘Indelicate Sundays’

Wednesday 10th April Doors 7pm – close 10pm
Venue: John Sebastian Lightship

About the author:

In 1976, Hannah was born and ‘hard-raised’ in Birmingham where she was taught the Fine Art of poor decision making. 18 years later, she was ‘shot’ to the Soft- South-West where she put into practice all she had learned.

In recent times, now in Cambridge, she is ‘Mastering’ the Fine Art of unlearning.

Hannah now identifies as a work in progress; there’s no guilt, shame or inadequacy attached to ‘letting go’. Indelicate Sundays is Hannah’s third collection – a last-ditch attempt to learn from all those poor decisions.
About the book:

Every Sunday night, after I was dropped to her, I prayed to find a ‘Snoopy’ watch under my pillow by dawn.
Forty years later, every Sunday night, I pray only that the pillow under my head is both familiar and safe.
I will, probably, always turn the pillow over at dawn, Just in case.

Through a series of stark, vivid snapshots this sizzling, brave work doesn’t just offer glimpses of Hannah’s life, but instead leads us right to the depths of humanity. Indelicate Sundays, deals with the difficult with admirable honesty. Yet Hannah’s turn of phrase is delicate and the poems are exquisitely crafted… This poignant insight into a tortured life will leave you breathless, reeling and stirred to the very core.

The night will also feature readings from a selected list of guest poets:

Nick Lovell
Derek Dohren
Helen Sheppard
Josephine Lay
Melanie Brantonv