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I’ve Been Looking Everywhere For You – The Launch

Jemma Hathaway Book Launch Friday 7th June Doors 7pm for 7.30pm on the Lightship

Jemma Hathaway Performing

Jemma Hathaway likes to put words next to one another and see if they hit it off. Her poems have been featured on BBC Radio Bristol, BBC iPlayer and @bbc on Instagram. Jemma is a multiple slam-winner, was the 2020 Hammer & Tongue champion for Bristol and is a Button Poetry Short Form contest winner.

Jemma has supported Joelle Taylor, Jasmine Gardosi and Roger McGough, performed at the Royal Albert Hall and appeared on Sky Arts Life & Rhymes. She self-published her first poetry pamphlet, January in 2021. Her poems are a sticky dancefloor for the ongoing dance-off between her head and her heart. She hopes you like her moves.

About The Book

I’ve been looking everywhere for you is full of big four-letter things – life, love, loss, time and ultimately, hope. It’s a book of hellos and goodbyes, bad days and blessings, it is a healing and a homecoming … and it hopes to come home with you.

These poems take us from melanin to mountains, from stars to submarines, from hard times to soft words and set us down somewhere in that healing space between far-off galaxies and close-up magic.

This collection longs to be read in a different light – the light of midnight porches, of torches beneath blankets, of lighthouses that exist solely to warn you away from the rocks. All the lights that say, there you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.

‘Big things happen in small moments, writes Jemma Hathaway, and proceeds to show us just how much life can be found stuffed in the cracks of our existence.

Casting a witty, irreverent eye over the subject of her poems, Jemma chooses a playful touch which enables her to explore serious subjects without ever feeling worthy or preachy. The collection doesn’t shy away from the world’s sharp edges- racial microaggressions, homophobia, grief and mental health are some of the things she touches upon- but remains ultimately and defiantly hopeful.

The imagery swings between the expansive and the everyday, where melanin holds light like Galileo’s telescope holds the moon and Queer lives are singing kettles. Throughout, Jemma reminds the reader that love in all its various, ridiculous, wonderful forms exists in the most mundane of places.’ Kat Lyons

‘Jemma Hathaway is a beacon of light guiding you back home to yourself. Her collection is unapologetically itself and encourages you to be the same. Metaphors and similes soar, seeking to be deciphered into insightful notes of acceptance, reminding you you’re alive, and deservedly so. A vivid, compelling and compassionate collection.’ Jemima Hughes

Jemma will be supported on the night by three fantastic poets from the South-West:

Kathryn O’Driscoll
Kathryn O’Driscoll is a queer, disabled poet, mentor and editor from Bath. She was the 2021 U.K. Poetry Slam Champion and a World Slam Finalist. She was longlisted for the Disabled Poets Prize and the Outspoken Prize for Performance Poetry in 2023, and the Saboteur Award for Best Spoken Word Artist in 2022. In 2021 she was one of the featured poets on the (BAFTA winning) Sky Arts spoken word TV show Life and Rhymes. Her debut collection ‘Cliff Notes’ is available from Verve Poetry Press.

Jo Eades
Since her first performance set at the inaugural Hotwells Festival of words in 2021, Jo has become a regular on the Bristol spoken word scene. She has been featured four times on BBC Radio Upload, performed on the Milk Poetry stage at Valleyfest and was headliner for Heron Books anniversary celebration last Christmas. In 2023 she won both a Rhyme Against the Tide and Milk Poetry Slam and in April this year, won the Lyra Poetry Festival Grand Slam.

Jaidah’s written & spoken works are undeniably compelling, ask questions of us collectively & hold the primary focus of advocating alongside promoting human welfare & connection.
Jaidah’s journey into writing started 3 years ago in a sanctuary of solitude, which stimulated vastly journeying the world within herself & most importantly she has been inspired by listening to the language nature speaks.
Vulnerable yet powerful Jaidah’s quiet commanding presence & delivery are outward reaching & embody a courage built through her own hard-won experience. Continuously thought provoking, her words are colourful & within those colours live the essence of divine human nature.

Eryn McDonald 24th April 2024

Eryn McDonald is a multi-disciplinary artist from the South-West. They write a lot about gender, sexuality, politics and, more recently, health and burnout. They are currently co-creating a show about transness, masculinity and girlhood with Satellite of Love’s very own team members Aish Humphreys and Cal Wensley.

They recently completed a short poetry film commission for Apples & Snakes, and are the director of a short documentary on drag and gender identity called Queer Is A Tender Feeling.

They are driven by political rage, love for community, and a burning desire to infiltrate capitalism.

Eryn’s promotional picture was provided by Kathryn O’Driscoll

Community Poem April 2024

I’ve been sat behind this guy for hours now, wonder what his name is?

Brush the air with words and make some rain
only to spiral down like sycamore seeds
over dosing on angst – therapy poetry! With a fuck or two
you –  strangled by shouts
swap one self for another
who? Mike, he said it

one day will be the last time you
see yourself in the mirror
my own one man show
do not adjust the mike it’s fucked
he sipped and sipped, gently, satisfied
The world is a magnificent place for those who give it the time of day
Aish can only adjust the mic stand
yeah yeah yeah  that’s trigonometry done

Go-Pro vertigo as commotion scroll through Dante’s Inferno
is it possible to get seasick on a moored boat?
Back of the van! I have a dirty finger
you regurgitate your animal like a tapeworm
pulling it between your teeth
more women will have the guts, their vibrations will roar

(shouted) lettuce, lettuce, lettuce

we really need to make a list
shoe news, new shoes!
tip tappity tap
I’m swimming in my own lane

The wind blew wild as the cat and the dog chased
the mouse through the woods –  while the tree swayed
no one seemed to notice the man on the bike, dressed as a Zebra

I can’t believe another lady took a shit on the floor at 9.30 am

Making History

Making History. Saturday April 13th 11am – 1pm

A workshop aimed at those interested in historical writing.
2 hour workshop led by Michael Manson
12 participants max
Cost £20

The workshop will help participants:

  • Consider how they might move their project forward.
    Widen their scope for research.
    Find possible routes to publication.

This workshop is aimed primarily at non-fiction writers but it will also be of use to those writing historical fiction

Suitable for all writers.

Mike Manson is a Bristol based writer and historian.

Mike is the author of six history books on Bristol (as Michael) and three published novels.
He studied sociology at Leicester University. He has an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and a Post Graduate Diploma from Bristol Polytechnic in Local Studies.
Mike was a co-editor of the Bristol Review of Books (2006-13), a co-founder of the Bristol Short Story Prize (2008) and an organiser of the Bristol Festival of Literature (2010-2020).
He currently edits Bristol Civic Society’s magazine Better Bristol.

If you want to know anything more about me have a look at

About The Workshop Venue

The John Sebastian Lightship, currently the home of Cabot Cruising Club, was built in 1885 and was responsible for saving hundreds of seamen in her hard-working life. Built in the same dock as the SS Great Britain, she was never meant to be grand or glamorous and was certainly not unique. Without an engine, she was towed to the areas of greatest need and her crew lived there to keep her light in good working order and make sure no ships floundered on the hazards she marked. A welcome sight for sailors on their way back into port.

There is plenty of history on the Lightship to inspire you. 

Full central heating. 
Tea and biscuits provided. 
There is a fairly steep flight of stairs down to the workshop area. 

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Community Poem March 2024

Overcaffeinated Princess Leia chats shit backstage
while waiting for her cue at the village panto

When Darth Vader was the dame
I never did master the art of the gag reflex
on his “microphone of love” –
he’d say, “as anyone seen my “Barbie?”
Even my Grandma does burpees.
Oh, she’s like fish with a coral allergy!

My cat makes an excellent meringue
with her moles! Deep underground, coming up
when they hear a sound, from all around.

Last week, kneeling on the cocktail bar
with my fingers down my throat, I thought,
how darling, how Y2K, how B-Lister in a black dress
and Giotto Turbo Maxi Bob was in it saying
“I wanna stick it up your jacksy in a minute!”
and “All I need is another man to break the law!”

I was hoping to be inspired in the toilet.
I wandered lonely as a cloud savouring
memories of mammaries rarely found.
Summer’s earth doth seldom claim the frigid
mirth of my worn name…
It’s like they took the embodiment of literature
and made it take a piss behind the lonely
fucking curtain. Shit! It’s time.
Somebody got the shouty man.


In all these falling scraps of paper,
what words can we manage to catch?
A girl from Ecuador blowing cigarette
smoke into her best friend’s tear-gassed eyes.
Wild jasmine: approximate burning time
25 hours. A cormorant alights the ship,
confused by the pretty lights.
The dead cling to my skin like rain-sodden silk.
Leo’s full moon, new transit for Pluto.
Bright burn with realisations – I pray it’s done
How was it? she asks
and the stars shuddered as one.

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Community Poem January 2024

Everyone say glove
I really dropped the ball today – wonder if anyone will notice
I am flippantly tossing tables as the barman pours another whiskey shot – sing to me
Do you like guacamole? I am scaling furniture when the beds break
I’m carbon dating my journals
Mr Blobby, dead at 53
Paul’s being a poopy poop
Mouldy bananas
Bodies of water
Paul loves wrestling
Not very relatable is it
My glasses are a shield and I can’t take them off
After sixteen years of appropriate onstage attire
the Satellite team finally stopped mentioning the nudity rule
A rainbow flag runs up the stairs


Cold nights drawing in reflected in dark waters
We are finger bitten
Afloat in a sea of memories
I am out of words. I have scraped the jar clean,
licked the lid, and sit here full and silent.

Jemima Hughes Headliner SOL Feb 2024

Jemima Hughes is a multi slam winning performance poet who will sweep you up and drag you through the “mindfield” of the unorthodox, swiftly spinning it into the ordinary. She brings you into the storm, pauses for breaks in the clouds, and sits with you in the aftermath to discuss how to rebuild. Jemima’s debut poetry collection ‘Unorthodox’, published with Verve Poetry Press in 2020, challenges perceptions of living with sexual trauma and mental health issues through personal experiences. Her new 2023 collection ‘Into The Ordinary’ aims to change perspectives on how we can make the world a more accepting, understanding and comfortable place for those living with these experiences. 

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Satellite of Love Is Pleased To Support

Black Eyes presents: ‘Indelicate Sundays’

Wednesday 10th April Doors 7pm – close 10pm
Venue: John Sebastian Lightship

About the author:

In 1976, Hannah was born and ‘hard-raised’ in Birmingham where she was taught the Fine Art of poor decision making. 18 years later, she was ‘shot’ to the Soft- South-West where she put into practice all she had learned.

In recent times, now in Cambridge, she is ‘Mastering’ the Fine Art of unlearning.

Hannah now identifies as a work in progress; there’s no guilt, shame or inadequacy attached to ‘letting go’. Indelicate Sundays is Hannah’s third collection – a last-ditch attempt to learn from all those poor decisions.
About the book:

Every Sunday night, after I was dropped to her, I prayed to find a ‘Snoopy’ watch under my pillow by dawn.
Forty years later, every Sunday night, I pray only that the pillow under my head is both familiar and safe.
I will, probably, always turn the pillow over at dawn, Just in case.

Through a series of stark, vivid snapshots this sizzling, brave work doesn’t just offer glimpses of Hannah’s life, but instead leads us right to the depths of humanity. Indelicate Sundays, deals with the difficult with admirable honesty. Yet Hannah’s turn of phrase is delicate and the poems are exquisitely crafted… This poignant insight into a tortured life will leave you breathless, reeling and stirred to the very core.

The night will also feature readings from a selected list of guest poets:

Nick Lovell
Derek Dohren
Helen Sheppard
Josephine Lay
Melanie Brantonv

Community Poem Archive

Community poem November 2023

Darkness on the quay

Some mornings your room is a rain cloud
My old boots are letting the puddles in
The pillow cradles my skull and forms a crucible for my dreams
Are we nearly dead yet?
Darkness on the quay
Ghost-gulls fly and lights are reflected in the water
The pre-loved bin bags of Halloween rustle ominously in the gloaming
First time jitters once again
Her dress was made of music
Sparkling lights water my eyes
The boat turned poets into angels with bright halos
Inspiration, community, friendships, and smiles. All afloat on this boat.

Out of context seagulls (a one-way conversation with Shrek)

SHREK! You crushed the last piece of my shattered heart.
Little did you know you lost a strong girl.
I’d pay £1,200 for a new mic stand
or an exorcist
and I still think contactless is magic.
SHREK! There’s an out-of-context seagull troubling the roof of an urban semi.
My cat is awesome. Speak your truth, Eric!
The fun is in the egg TOMATOES.