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I’ve Been Looking Everywhere For You – The Launch

Jemma Hathaway Book Launch Friday 7th June Doors 7pm for 7.30pm on the Lightship

Jemma Hathaway Performing

Jemma Hathaway likes to put words next to one another and see if they hit it off. Her poems have been featured on BBC Radio Bristol, BBC iPlayer and @bbc on Instagram. Jemma is a multiple slam-winner, was the 2020 Hammer & Tongue champion for Bristol and is a Button Poetry Short Form contest winner.

Jemma has supported Joelle Taylor, Jasmine Gardosi and Roger McGough, performed at the Royal Albert Hall and appeared on Sky Arts Life & Rhymes. She self-published her first poetry pamphlet, January in 2021. Her poems are a sticky dancefloor for the ongoing dance-off between her head and her heart. She hopes you like her moves.

About The Book

I’ve been looking everywhere for you is full of big four-letter things – life, love, loss, time and ultimately, hope. It’s a book of hellos and goodbyes, bad days and blessings, it is a healing and a homecoming … and it hopes to come home with you.

These poems take us from melanin to mountains, from stars to submarines, from hard times to soft words and set us down somewhere in that healing space between far-off galaxies and close-up magic.

This collection longs to be read in a different light – the light of midnight porches, of torches beneath blankets, of lighthouses that exist solely to warn you away from the rocks. All the lights that say, there you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.

‘Big things happen in small moments, writes Jemma Hathaway, and proceeds to show us just how much life can be found stuffed in the cracks of our existence.

Casting a witty, irreverent eye over the subject of her poems, Jemma chooses a playful touch which enables her to explore serious subjects without ever feeling worthy or preachy. The collection doesn’t shy away from the world’s sharp edges- racial microaggressions, homophobia, grief and mental health are some of the things she touches upon- but remains ultimately and defiantly hopeful.

The imagery swings between the expansive and the everyday, where melanin holds light like Galileo’s telescope holds the moon and Queer lives are singing kettles. Throughout, Jemma reminds the reader that love in all its various, ridiculous, wonderful forms exists in the most mundane of places.’ Kat Lyons

‘Jemma Hathaway is a beacon of light guiding you back home to yourself. Her collection is unapologetically itself and encourages you to be the same. Metaphors and similes soar, seeking to be deciphered into insightful notes of acceptance, reminding you you’re alive, and deservedly so. A vivid, compelling and compassionate collection.’ Jemima Hughes

Jemma will be supported on the night by three fantastic poets from the South-West:

Kathryn O’Driscoll
Kathryn O’Driscoll is a queer, disabled poet, mentor and editor from Bath. She was the 2021 U.K. Poetry Slam Champion and a World Slam Finalist. She was longlisted for the Disabled Poets Prize and the Outspoken Prize for Performance Poetry in 2023, and the Saboteur Award for Best Spoken Word Artist in 2022. In 2021 she was one of the featured poets on the (BAFTA winning) Sky Arts spoken word TV show Life and Rhymes. Her debut collection ‘Cliff Notes’ is available from Verve Poetry Press.

Jo Eades
Since her first performance set at the inaugural Hotwells Festival of words in 2021, Jo has become a regular on the Bristol spoken word scene. She has been featured four times on BBC Radio Upload, performed on the Milk Poetry stage at Valleyfest and was headliner for Heron Books anniversary celebration last Christmas. In 2023 she won both a Rhyme Against the Tide and Milk Poetry Slam and in April this year, won the Lyra Poetry Festival Grand Slam.

Jaidah’s written & spoken works are undeniably compelling, ask questions of us collectively & hold the primary focus of advocating alongside promoting human welfare & connection.
Jaidah’s journey into writing started 3 years ago in a sanctuary of solitude, which stimulated vastly journeying the world within herself & most importantly she has been inspired by listening to the language nature speaks.
Vulnerable yet powerful Jaidah’s quiet commanding presence & delivery are outward reaching & embody a courage built through her own hard-won experience. Continuously thought provoking, her words are colourful & within those colours live the essence of divine human nature.

Community poem October 2023

They are all in the Vortex

I live in a dustbin littered with gold
You can tell its art-my Grandfather said- because there are no people in it
I was watching Line of Duty

Drop, beat, drop, beat, drop

Time flies
The beautiful smallness you feel when gazing up at the sky and realising, somewhere
up there, is a boat that never moves
Its behind you

Drop, beat, drop, beat, drop

Love is a verb
Telling talk from mutter is like telling Stork from butter

Drop, beat, drop, beat, drop

On the bad days, please read this
Your legacy is not yours-
I think about profiting from your death more than I probably should

Lou Reed- As I entered a lock on my Satellite of Love !!! narrow boat xx
I am begging Mars to write a line, I tell them, the poem needs them, he needs you
satellite circling a satellite of love.


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Jenny Mitchell. SOL Headliner October 2023

Jenny Mitchell won the Gregory O’Donoghue Prize 2023 for a single poem, and the Poetry
Book Awards 2021 for her second collection, Map of a Plantation, which is on the syllabus at
Manchester Metropolitan University.

The prize-winning debut collection, Her Lost
is One of 44 Poetry Books for 2019 (Poetry Wales), and her latest collection,
Resurrection of a Black Man, contains three prize-winning poems and is featured on the US
podcast Poetry Unbound.

She’s won numerous competitions, is widely-published and has performed at the Houses of Parliament. Her latest publication is the pamphlet shared with Zoë Brigley and Roy McFarlane called Family Name.

Satellite Of Love June 2023 Community Poem

Extra Lines This Month

The Satellite Of Love Community poem this month has donated lines from the Writing the City workshop that took place during Satellite Week.

Each Day ( June 2023)

The day the jaffa cakes went missing
The dreich sunk its teeth into my bones.
The tinsel shimmers, the light on sea, what is anything, what are we? Moments in light reflexed.
The salt of sea and light of sky.

The buttercups are asking the sky, do you like butter?
Do platypuses speak in platitudes
Everyday you wake you may choose to be kind
And she gazed around her and she saw their brilliant faces, their open hearts and she was held.

No fires will take place here tonight
What is everything, who are we, where and for how long?
Climb every mountain clad in lycra
Get out of your comfort zone and your Nissan Micra.

I need to pee so I’m gonna rush writing this.
After a while, the whole thing evaporated.
I took a little look, before I had a proper gander
How! How! Why! why! I feel I could die!

Community Poem June 23 – Leftover Lines – I have put into some kind of order – Enjoy !

You I
Why don’t you try it my daughters said, why don’t you go instead this afternoon and do your usual
and going to bed.
Is there a raffle – yay, where are the toilets, please don’t call out my winning ticket while I’m
powdering my nose.
What happened to my gravy underpants?

4 Wines and 5 packets of crisps, sorry 4 packets, 2 cheese and onion, 1 salt and vinegar and 1 ready
salted and now my friends are sorted.
And the mama gave birth right here
Flaff women’s mags light. But they calmed me for the battle against you. They taught me love-
bonding, gaslighting and emotional abuse. And I knew you for what you were and I was not lower. I
emerged victorious, clad in the driest plate of flaff.
Dear Tina got her wings today, 24 th of May……love it as everything to do with it.

Life is wonderful, life is great but why does it have to be so hard! So much to do and so little time,
always living on the edge. Love yourself, love each other – be kind, stay safe, love one another.
I lick you paw to feel your love.
Bats commute, bats commute along linear features did you know?
Safe, safe away from empty space!
Space, space keep me safe.
Ditto, Ditto to every one’s words amazahins arghhhh
What is God? A 10p freddo
Beans, beans, beans, I love baked beans on toast (with curry powder)
Lush Ice Cream
Put your cigarette out properly!
Steep steps back…

My special sunshine dress!
This scent of the candle was sweet vanilla.
Where are the editors when you need them?

That walk around Bristol’s floating harbour…………

love finds itself walking through the city’s dark history
a city in levels like a Victoria sponge cake
discovery anatomy, it smells of curry
ferryboat Margaret swings low with river rats, boaters and rainbow oil
her sister Mary, a small sleek sailboat, sits as a queen amongst plastic pretenders
the dark water reflected an abundance of rain rich clouds
wavelets gave glimpses
cascades of silver glitter, shimmering ghosts
love me, so don’t scare me of all these pomp and circumstances

Satellite Of Love Previous Headliner May 2023


Pete The Temp

Wednesday 25th May 7.30pm

Satellite Of Love Previous Headliner Pete Bearder is an award-winning spoken word poet, author and comic. His work has been featured on BBC Radio 4, The World Service, and Newsnight. He is a former National Poetry Slam Champion and has performed around the world with organisations like The British Council. Pete recently released his third book ‘Garden of Madness’, described by Tom Hirons as a ‘word-heaven of praise poetry’.

www.petethetemp.co.uk   | Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @PeteTheTemp |
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/pbearder 

Community Poem January 2023

The 2016 Clown Scare

I’ve not had breakfast and the dentist talks of my mortality 
At least we have suckable items
And Brian blessed is my patronus 
I sat on a train that became a long, metallic fart
The hopeless case of progress 
An aubergine between the legs 
Bristol’s clear air zone – are you ready? I’m not 
In my best, loudest football voice I said:
Two squatter’s wrongs don’t make a squatter’s rights
At least we have pizza
Love was bird in my hand and I squeeze – splat! 
Which was incredibly wonderful
But then we all knew turkeys aren’t a just for Christmas, they’re a way of life 
September rang like a scar,
Left upon that creature’s pity 
A tourist in a resort 
On the fourth Wednesday of the month 
Ring ring goes the poet’s phone as he starts to rhyme…


Community Poem March 2023


I can’t write in yellow
the now infamous village gimp said
is that a two litre bottle of Vimto
or are you just pleased to see me?
Who says romance is dead?
                                               Boys night Boys night
A smash of cities erupts into
asphalt chunks of honesty and raw love

Though the best comedy is about serious issues
humankind cannot stand too much seriousness
all aboard for jolly fun, don’t make waves or
you’ll fall down.

Obsessed by living the dream, I fell in love
with base jumping.
I love to crunch on apples, I eat noodles in church
I’m a Ramen Catholic.
My friend’s donkey hasn’t been to the vet in years
if you like your cats alive don’t go to Crete.
                                              Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger, Badger
Murder she cried, though the Aardvark was unimpressed
All the superlatives: great uncles and extreme sporks
Bristol  fashion sparkly beard is a must
I opened my eyes and everything was beautiful
The only risk in life is to take no risk at all
Fools rush in as winter chills, the silk of milk slid
down her throat, scrambled nectar of the dogs

I slide poems under the skirting boards and then
arriving shyly at the open mic, I don’t remember
how words work.

Buy Aiysha’s book Feb 22nd

Tom Sastry

Tom Sastry Headlines at Satellite March 22nd

Poet Tom Sastry grew up in Buckinghamshire and has lived in Bristol since 1999. After being chosen by Carol Ann Duffy as one of the 2016 Laureate’s Choice poets, his debut pamphlet Complicity (2016) was a Poetry School Book of the Year and a Poetry Book Society pamphlet choice. Since then, he has published two collections, both with Nine Arches Press: A Man’s House Catches Fire in 2019, which was highly commended in the Forward Prize and shortlisted for the Seamus Heaney First Collection Prize, and his new book, You have no normal country to return to, which came out this year. Tom has been described by Hera Lindsay Bird as “a magician of deadpan” and praised by Carol Ann Duffy for how he “navigates the mysterious everyday…making friendships and love affairs new and strange”.

View Tom reading his poem A Popular History Of Urban Planning