Community Poem March 2024

I’ve been sat behind this guy for hours now, wonder what his name is?

Brush the air with words and make some rain
only to spiral down like sycamore seeds
over dosing on angst – therapy poetry! With a fuck or two
you –  strangled by shouts
swap one self for another
who? Mike, he said it

one day will be the last time you
see yourself in the mirror
my own one man show
do not adjust the mike it’s fucked
he sipped and sipped, gently, satisfied
The world is a magnificent place for those who give it the time of day
Aish can only adjust the mic stand
yeah yeah yeah  that’s trigonometry done

Go-Pro vertigo as commotion scroll through Dante’s Inferno
is it possible to get seasick on a moored boat?
Back of the van! I have a dirty finger
you regurgitate your animal like a tapeworm
pulling it between your teeth
more women will have the guts, their vibrations will roar

(shouted) lettuce, lettuce, lettuce

we really need to make a list
shoe news, new shoes!
tip tappity tap
I’m swimming in my own lane

The wind blew wild as the cat and the dog chased
the mouse through the woods –  while the tree swayed
no one seemed to notice the man on the bike, dressed as a Zebra

I can’t believe another lady took a shit on the floor at 9.30 am

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