Community Poem May 2024

Stick it in the fuck it bucket

We’re 8 people sat on a boat,
human connection is rare and very needed today, I received it
Alarmingly dysfunctional,
I can only just hold conversations with people that are as
socially inept as I am.
Henry sucky so good,
I’m a psychoactive toad baby, lick me all over and see infinity.
Elizabeth whiskers the tuxedo cat,
but Pablo stole the show-
If all the world’s a stage what did they build this stage for?
Tiny terrapin laughs at the pink moon.
Cortisol and hormones flood my mind, intoxicating blend of work
and age and busy brain, exploding in productivity-
5-7-5 right?
Was that enough syllables?
Fuck it, never mind.
Stick it in the fuck it bucket!
Ho you can court me in my pantoum.
My humps, my humps, my humpy humpy humps,
check it out.
I like flowers
they look cool.
Sick sleazy silk socks eat;
but the other way around.
I eat black holes for breakfast,
sausage a plenty,
discarded apple core,
a porridge-thick sickly sticking-
For the love of cider!
There’s always free cheddar in the mousetrap – Tom waits.
Satellite of Love
No trigger warnings for you
you only bring joy.

You know it’s bad when you consider turning to religion…

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