Community Poem January 2024

Everyone say glove
I really dropped the ball today – wonder if anyone will notice
I am flippantly tossing tables as the barman pours another whiskey shot – sing to me
Do you like guacamole? I am scaling furniture when the beds break
I’m carbon dating my journals
Mr Blobby, dead at 53
Paul’s being a poopy poop
Mouldy bananas
Bodies of water
Paul loves wrestling
Not very relatable is it
My glasses are a shield and I can’t take them off
After sixteen years of appropriate onstage attire
the Satellite team finally stopped mentioning the nudity rule
A rainbow flag runs up the stairs


Cold nights drawing in reflected in dark waters
We are finger bitten
Afloat in a sea of memories
I am out of words. I have scraped the jar clean,
licked the lid, and sit here full and silent.