Community Poem February 2024

Overcaffeinated Princess Leia chats shit backstage
while waiting for her cue at the village panto

When Darth Vader was the dame
I never did master the art of the gag reflex
on his “microphone of love” –
he’d say, “as anyone seen my “Barbie?”
Even my Grandma does burpees.
Oh, she’s like fish with a coral allergy!

My cat makes an excellent meringue
with her moles! Deep underground, coming up
when they hear a sound, from all around.

Last week, kneeling on the cocktail bar
with my fingers down my throat, I thought,
how darling, how Y2K, how B-Lister in a black dress
and Giotto Turbo Maxi Bob was in it saying
“I wanna stick it up your jacksy in a minute!”
and “All I need is another man to break the law!”

I was hoping to be inspired in the toilet.
I wandered lonely as a cloud savouring
memories of mammaries rarely found.
Summer’s earth doth seldom claim the frigid
mirth of my worn name…
It’s like they took the embodiment of literature
and made it take a piss behind the lonely
fucking curtain. Shit! It’s time.
Somebody got the shouty man.


In all these falling scraps of paper,
what words can we manage to catch?
A girl from Ecuador blowing cigarette
smoke into her best friend’s tear-gassed eyes.
Wild jasmine: approximate burning time
25 hours. A cormorant alights the ship,
confused by the pretty lights.
The dead cling to my skin like rain-sodden silk.
Leo’s full moon, new transit for Pluto.
Bright burn with realisations – I pray it’s done
How was it? she asks
and the stars shuddered as one.

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